Friday, February 6, 2009


No not the fruit, but the people of New Zealand. I've always wanted to visit New Zealand as I have long-time friends there. Well I've still never visited. But a dear friend has.

I must paint a picture of a friend who goes to visit and stay with friends only to find that because of interesting circumstances ends up traveling a week on her own. Driving on the left side of the car on the left side of the road. A friend who is a native Angeleno and still uses a GPS to get around the city but manages to work the network of roads in New Zealand to visit some incredible places. After a week of nonsense finds a car and a place to stay in the height of the tourist season. Only to find that the Buddhist retreat she visits that week is having a silent retreat. No problem, she doesn't want to talk to anyone anyway. Then finds herself a friend who isn't part of the retreat and shares stories and a meal. Takes a tour through five vineyards in wine country of New Zealand, visits the beautiful beaches and still single handedly is increasing my international plate collection....Thanks get to posting about this trip. It's screaming for a scene in a screenplay.

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