Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Dinner for 10

So this past Sunday a dear friend gave his first Public Talk. 30 minutes in front of about 1oo people. He prayed for a natural disaster to keep him from giving this talk. We had rain last week and hail, but thankfully no natural disaster. As a little gift for he and his lovely wife we had dinner for 10 people in our tiny little apartment. It was enjoyable company in a cozy environment.

I have no pictures as I was too busy cleaning, cooking, pouring drinks and entertaining.

It took SB and I days to figure out what to make but here's our menu for 10:

Appetizer: Ceviche - made with Mahi Mahi, persion cucumbers, tomatos, jalapenos, salt and lots of fresh squeezed lime juice. Served in martini glass with Tostito's scoops to accompany. We're High-low class. Just ordinary folks.

Main Course: Fresh Chicken Breast stuffed with Taleggio cheese (rind trimmed) and wrapped in thin slices of prosciutto. Served with Rice Pilaf and pan roasted asparagus with salt and olive oil. Recipe for Chicken Breasts adapted from Bon Appetit.

Dessert: My friend Caroline provide a delicious Ghirradelli chocolate cake with fresh berries on top. It was perfect.

Drinks were open to wine, beer and good old fashion gin & tonics. It was a lovely evening. Can't wait to entertain again.


Gianna said...

Sounds Fabulous!
I miss SB's Ceviche something awful. MUST have it when I'm in LA next. I am putting in my request now!

Who gave the Public Talk?

Also - The chicken sounds divine! I'm totally gonna steal that recipe.

Miss you guys...

Anonymous said...

SB has never cooked for me, he just feeds me beer. I feel I've missed out.

tstar said...

G we'll definitely make you Ceviche when you come in town. It was delish. P. Thornton gave the talk.

Dr. Sub if you come to visit we'll make you some food and serve you cerveca (i.e.beer).


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