Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wino Wednesday

This week I treated our whole work team to a Wino Wednesday. (And no they are not toasting, I had them hold the glasses up so I could get this shot)

Why? Because...
1. We need a break
2. I like to give
3. I wanted to hear what they would say about the wine.

The wine this week is the following:
2009 Pinot Noir
Russian river valley

First smell:  Dark juicy plums
First taste:  Plumy richness, chocolate, cherries
Here are some group observations from us novices:
"earthy" (said with pinky up)

"very drinkable...i'll drink to that"
Where I bought this?  Trader Joes, of course, for $8.99

What we ate with this wine?
French bread, cheese (dubliner sharp chedder, triple cream brie with bleu cheese) dried apricots, almonds, grapes and dried salami, way in the back dark chocolate covered pretzels.  Uh YUM!

What the bottle said?
Deep garnet red with spicy sweet aromas of dark plum, cedar, and anise. Rich, complex flavors of cherry pie, spice, and bittersweet and chocolate finish silky smooth.

Cellared and bottled by our cellars in Healdsburg, California


Dr Sub said...

That sounds nice

tstar said...

I forgot to say that I really liked the wine, it was not a thick wine, was light and refreshing. Something that would go with just about anything.

Yumi @ Natsukashii said...

Might those dark chocolate covered pretzels be from TJ's? If so, I've been snacking on those tonight! Yum! I'll have to try this wine selection next time I'm there. Oh and glad you added that disclaimer about the first pic. Haha.


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