Thursday, June 23, 2011

New York, New York

So for the second leg of my work journey it took me to NYC.  First few days WOW super humid.  Bad for us curly haired people.  Was so hot and gross.  Next two days I have to say were the nicest days I've ever experienced in NY, lovely breeze, perfect temperature. I felt like I was walking to my own soundtrack those days.  Super weather.

Here's a stream of conscience of my trip though:  Taxi'd from one location to another, saw our NY office, conducted research on Park Avenue, presented analytics in 5 minutes on a conference call with over 20 peeps, walked thru Eataly, bought notebooks from Mugi, shopped up and down Broadway, bought cannolli's from Little Italy shop, walked across the Brooklyn Bridge (a dream fulfilled.)  Met some old friends and made some new ones.  Now here's a few snapshots from my iPhone.

I only have one story about the image above.  This is Jacques Torres Chocolate shop on Hudson.  Or as I wanted to call it "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory."  I have been trying to go to his shop in Brooklyn Heights forever.  I Yelped this store and found out the "mother ship" was in Soho.  

So I made my way down here with a few friends as we were walking in the neighborhood.  I had heard that the hot chocolate is like a liquid brownie.  So despite the heat I was determined to try it.  When we walked in the ladies behind the chocolate counter immediately asked me what I would like.  I told them "I just need a minute to absorb it all."  Then a man walked up to me and asked "du you hav un allergy du peenuts." (that's my bad spelling of a French accent.)  I said "no I don't."  He asked me "wood you like du try a scholate peenut butter cookie."  "Why yes I would."  I ate that bad boy so quickly and then went on an ordered my dark chocolate box of goodness and a "liquid brownie" hot chocolate.  Then I realize, "oh lord that was Jacques Torres."  Seriously by then he had talked to my friends and went back to making chocolate behind the scenes. But now I can say "Jacques Torres made me a chocolate peanut butter cookie."  Voila.

Stayed at 60 Thompson Hotel.  Here's their lobby.  Great location, descent size rooms.  This place was within walking distance to many great restaurants and shopping.  However, I think next time I'd try the Ace Hotel as that lobby was really hopping and seemed like a really cool place to stay.

 View from rooftop bar at 60 Thompson.  Pretty amazing and great cocktails.

Nice architecture while walking Broadway shopping my little heart out.

 View from Brooklyn Bridge of Lower Manhattan.

Finally got to walk across the Bridge.  Was so excited about this, my new friends said it was refreshing to see their city thru a fresh pair of eyes.  It's the same way for us and the beach.  We see it all the time so we take it for granted.

I should have taken some Black and White, but I was walking with other people who all had a destination and time to be somewhere, so well you know how that goes.

Da Bridge at Night.

 Manhattan from Brooklyn Heights.

And in color.

 Flatiron building.  Right near Eataly.

 One of my favorite parts of NY is that you can jay walk anytime.  
Walk thru a red light, just don't get in the way of a taxi barreling down the road.

I was talking to a co-worker while walking down this street.  I told "hey I'm on the loveliest street right now."  He said "is it Washington Mews."  Uh yes it is, how in the world did he know.  Well I did tell him what direction I was walking in and he said he use to go out of his way to walk down this street on his way to NYU.  Lovely little lane, right near Washington Square.

Washington Square.  Apparently many a famous person has live across from this park.

So the only think SB asked for while I was in NY was cannoli's.  
So I went to Ferrara bakery.  Oh man these are the best ever.  So tasty.

And the cannoli.

Wow to be in charge of this window treatment.

I saw this window while I was walking back from picking up my cannoli's at 10:30pm.

Rooftop dining is the best.  I seriously wanted to buy myself an iconic I HEART NY t-shirt.

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