Thursday, May 31, 2012

Adamson House

Many years ago when a friend was getting married she asked about taking pictures at a place called the Adamson House. I had no idea where this place was, then I was invited to a wedding here and well it's one of the most beautiful Spanish Revival Colonial houses on the west coast. Tours of the inside of the house are $7 (cash only) but you can walk the outside grounds for free.
The courtyard. This house is located just North of the famous Malibu pier, next to the lagoon.
Malibu Pier.

 This just screams Malibu to me or one of those postcards that says: 
"Wish You Were Here."
I just liked the blue umbrella on the beach and you can see this view from the grounds of the house.
The Spanish Colonial house was built in 1930 for Rhoda Rindge Adamson and her husband. What kept this house from turning into a parking lot (aghast) was the it has so much of the now defunct Malibu Pottery (Rhoda's mother Mrs. Rindge started Malibu Pottery). The tiles saved the house. You'll love the historical stories about the beginnings of Malibu, and the Rindge and Adamson families. Enjoy the lovely images from around the grounds, you'll see it's covered in gorgeous tile.

Pool house and pool.

 Dogs get to bath outside, this is nicer then some of the inside bathtubs.
View from the visitors bathroom, literally from the toilet. There is a building to the right of the entrance where there are public restrooms.

When we were there for a wedding we weren't allowed in the house only outside. I'd heard the tours inside were special, so I have made it an effort to get there for the tour many times.  I have no pictures inside of the house as your not allowed to take!  But you'll love the tiled floor that looks like a rug, even with fringe. This is a great house that tells a wonderful story about one of the most beautiful area's on the west coast, Malibu.

Malibu Lagoon Museum
23200 Pacific Coast Highway
P. O. Box 291
Malibu, California
(310) 456-8432


Alixandra Lewis Adams said...

What great photos! So nice meeting you at Alt!

Tanya Ponce said...

Thanks Alix, this place is gorgeous, I would love to live here - Was great to meet you as well.


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