Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Happy 5 Year Blog Anniversary

So today I've been officially blogging for 5 year. I think I hoped that this blog would have evolved much more then me changing the layout every once in a while. I have dreamed of this space often. Real life and priorities have kept me from doing more. I wish this blog were my real work life, but it's still a hobby. What made me start this space was my passion for photography, food and travel. I still have that, but I've watch others live the dream and am still only dabbling in an area that I should be excelling in. This post is turning into a self-reflection, which I rarely do publicly.

I continue to struggle whether to but advertising on this site. I've worked in advertising for sixteen years and let me tell you the click thru rate on banners just keeps sinking lower and lower. But the ad dollars may be worth it. I like the simple look, and the blogs with lots of advertising are not as appealing to read. Too much stuff. I have found myself enjoying social media much more than anticipated for this Gen Xer. I'm an avid participant and follower on Instagram and Pinterest, but only a voyeur on Facebook and Twitter.

I continue to bake and cook and read everything under the sun. I wish money and time were no object so we could travel more and take a few of the photography and cooking classes I long for. 

All you food, travel and photography bloggers out there continue to inspire me on a daily basis. You challenge me everyday and feed my curiosity. Irony here is what I turned in for my photography portfolio umpteen years ago is still my style esthetic, just a bit more progressive. 

So with that self-reflection on this blog my goals in this space for the next year are to take at least one class (cooking or pottery or photography) and travel somewhere new.  And let's not forget finishing my Cuba Story. I finally told my dad about our story and he said "Please finish it." These goals ask so much from myself, but are tasks I think I can accomplish.  

"So self...keep on blogging, keeping on shooting, bake and cook and feed your travel bug, and oh yeah, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!"

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