Saturday, October 13, 2012

Day in Malibu

Quick post on yesterday as we had a full day in Malibu starting at 7AM and ending the day at 5PM.  Lots of adventures with great friends by the beach and in the canyons.  L.A. offers such a variety of things to see and explore which is why so many of us live here, but Malibu has it's own culture.  People run into friends on daily errands and coffee breaks.  There is a more relaxed attitude here. 

At one point we needed to make a stop at a restroom and we walked threw the camp grounds at Malibu State Park.  No one there except the fallen leaves of autumn and me and Heather traipsing in our sandals to the restroom.  After we made sure that there were no creatures lurking in the restroom we ran in and out as quickly as possible.

 Zuma beach was lovely.

Malibu Kitchen for quick breakfast.

 I guess we need to be Bob's friend if we want to park here.

 Clouds were amazing this day.

Canyon's were so quiet and beautiful.

Take a ride thru Malibu Canyon and Enjoy!

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