Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Dishes, plates and silverware

Dishes, plates and silverware, oh my. I love this stuff, can't get enough of it. Recently, however I decided to retire my colorful "Forbidden Fruit" plates, cups and saucers. I had broken a few and the rest were chipped and tired. So I washed them all, packed them up and took off for Crate and Barrel for some new dishes.

Nothing too exciting at this point. I just wanted some basic white dishes. Food always looks better on white plates. SB insisted on getting a few square plates as well, I'm not adverse to that, I like choices. As dessert is positively my favorite part of any meal, we also purchased a few glass dessert bowls. They are lovely, so big though. I put my Espresso Chocolate Mousse in these cups and wow that was a lot of dessert, I only ate half. A far cry from the martini glasses I served the mousse in last time.

To add to the love of dishes I've decided to start collecting something that I would use. So each time my friends travel to a new destination, here's my request "please buy me a dessert dish" something indicative of the region your visiting. Here's my first plate from Paris. Thank you blacklashes!!

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blacklashes said...

you're welcome =)


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