Saturday, May 10, 2008

What A Coffee Habit Can Lead Too

So I love coffee. I don't drink it like I used too, but I dream about it often. I also like drinking coffee in a nice porcelain cup, which says I like to drink it leisurely. Occasionally....well all the time...I'm rushing around so I usually need to get my coffee to go. As you'll learn in my next post I have a favorite place for coffee and pastries. This particular day I had my cup of joe to go. And low and behold I have been persuaded by the coffee cozie, you know the ones that keep you from burning your hands to death while you enjoy the aroma and taste of those Sumatran beans.

A little background here to this overly complicated story, I live in the City of Angels. We love our Lakers basketball team he
re. Recently though, due to a lovely British import, by way of Spain, much attention has been diverted to the LA Galaxy.

I'm a soccer fan, love to wa
tch the World Cup and enjoy watching the English League games. But having Becks in LA has really boosted my MLS viewing. Thanks to my coffee habit and a great promotional ad campaign for the LA Galaxy I succumbed to the advertising and bought 1 ticket and got 1 free from Ticketmaster's special LATTE. I got fantastic seats in the club level row. Ate the Home Depot Centers stadium food, you have to when you go to these games. I happily slurped my beer and wolfed down my hotdog. The fans at this game were great, everyone around was really into the game and knew the players from both teams. We cheered, yelled at the refs, and high fived it through the game. Galaxy lost tonight, but me and C had a fantastic time. Can't wait to till the next game. Oh and I guess TomKat was there as Becks waved to someone in the stands, I just saw the frenzy of fans excited and chasing them down. I on the other hand was working my way down to row A convinced I was going to get a Beckham jersey from the real deal, to no avail. But I did I manage to sneak a few pictures.

Some people look good coming and going. What else is there to say.

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Anonymous said...

Unf. DB hasn't been a footballer in a long, long time. He's just a Professional Media Icon now. And by the way, stop looking at his bottom.


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