Thursday, May 29, 2008

Rose Cafe

This place is a Venice institution since 1979, in a once converted Gas Company building. I've been going here since I was a little girl. I've enjoyed breakfasts with mom on the outdoor full-service restaurant patio or a quick breakfast at the tables and chairs near the deli counter and when I have more time a leisurely lunch outside with friends. At lunch my favorite sandwich is a smoke turkey with a thin slice of nutty salty parmesan and a delicious sweet aioli dressing. It's my perfect combination. My favorite thing to do is come early morning, order the breakfast special, croissant, scone or bagel with a wedge of brie cheese, butter and jam and a very dark deep rich cup of coffee, latte or tea. If you choose the coffee, be warned it's strong so if you like that kind its all yours, go black. I, on the other hand, need the milk, and lots of it. Early in the morning you'll usually see a pack of elderly men who have just finished their bicycle ride, some scruffy celebrity incognito, or a mix of muscular men, fresh from their work-out, at the nearby Golds Gym. My mom fell in love with the glass mugs here, there basic, but she loves to see the milk swirl around the coffee so I grew up with a set of these at home. Also for the jam lovers, they always seem to give me orange marmalade, so not my favorite, now, ritually I have to ask for the grape or raspberry, whatever they have that is NOT orange marmalade. Every month they change the art work in the cafe, usually local artists, always cool, but not cheap. And if you get there after 10am you can stroll through the gift shop, this is one of the best places to buy unique gifts from Japanese tea sets to funky business card holders. I almost can never resist a purchase here, it's as eclectic as the Venice neighborhood. Los Angeles Magazine call it the "Best Restaurant Gift Shop." I agree. Rose Cafe is at the corner of Rose Avenue and Main Street on the border of Santa Monica and Venice. 220 Rose Ave.
Venice, CA 90291

Corner of Main St. & Rose Ave.
1 hr free parking w/ validation

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T said...

i'm inspired. i want to 1) take more indoor pictures and 2) eat a croissant.


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