Friday, December 12, 2008

If These Walls Could Talk

So this past week I went on a video shoot for a few TV commercials. Sounds glamorous, it's usually not. But the best part, besides the craft service table, usually is the locations. This one was in an old newspaper publishing building in downtown Los Angeles.
Lots of art deco style treatments and old style lounges.
CC had been here before and showed me this old style ladies lounge. The bathrooms themselves were newer but what a great room this is.
I especially loved the tufts on these peach velvet chairs. I actually set up shop in the Ladies Lounge at some point so I could get a few calls done and do some work other than watching the video screen and listening on the head sets to make sure we record all the lines in the script.
Vanity light fixture that glowed in the evening.

Light fixtures like none other that I have ever seen.
Lovely couch for the faint of heart.
Beaded flower arrangement.

If these walls could talk, you could just imagine a 20's or 30's style era where everyone at this newspaper was getting the scoop on the latest story, each executive dressed in a fedora hat with a secretary sitting just outside the door, a cocktail bar on the credenza and some sordid tale. It was straight out of Mad Men only a couple of decades earlier.
At one point we set up shop in the cafeteria...I think it looks more like a disco lounge.

As the U.S. doesn't have as much history as some countries we relish these old style art deco buildings and a bit of our own culture. Oh and the view is pure modern genius. Gotta love the "City of Angels."
Disney Hall


Anonymous said...

I'm so jealous of your job and your talent. I don't suppose you need a tall assistant in skinny jeans and pointy boots who knows how to pronounce "Paris St Germain" correctly?

tstar said...

Dr. Sub you would fit in perfectly skinny jeans, chelsea boots and correct french pronunciation.


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