Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Chocolate Maven

Ok so everyone knows I love to watch the food channel. Well there is a show called Giada's Weekend Getaway and a few months ago she featured Sante Fe. I jotted a few places down that I've never been too while visiting. One of them is off the beaten path of the famous Plaza in Sante Fe. It's called Chocolate Maven.

I told my mom about this place and told her that it was a bakery and that you should be able to sit and eat by the window and watch them make the baked goods. However, that did not register to her as she went barreling in the place, right up to the counter and quickly asked "i want to see where they make the candy," the lady was really polite, as most New Mexican's are, and simple told her "we don't make candy, we make pastries. " She says "oh, well I want to see where they make the pastries." The woman points to the dining room and then my mom bolts in there not realizing that there are 3 tables next to the window where people are dining. SB tells me "quick move over to the end of the store, pretend like we don't know her." Seriously we got a lot of laughs out of this episode.

If you've never been here you'd never find it. It's in a warehouse district of Sante Fe.
Literally we drove into a warehouse parking lot that was packed with cars, dirt, snow and ice on the driveway. The visit was well worth it. I had a peanut butter chocolate chip cookie, mom had a mini cherry tart and SB had a chocolate white chocolate chip cookie. Very crunchy cookies with texture like brown sugar. Worth every calorie and bite. Mom went back to Chocolate Maven and few days later and ate at a table buy the window and enjoyed watching them make the "pastries."
Chocolate Maven
Bakery & Cafe
821 W. San Mateo Rd.
Santa Fe, NM 87505
800 • 511 • 0113
505 • 984 • 1980

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