Sunday, January 4, 2009

Route 10

Here's the pictures I've promised.

So this winter I had 1 -1/2 weeks off from work so we decided to take a road trip and visit my family in New Mexico. As the weather was extremely bad we had to take the southern route to Albuquerque. This made our road trip 15 hours instead of the usual 11. Seriously the last 3 hours where the worst and most disappointing as it was so dark and we were going through a part of New Mexico that SB has never seen. The stars where amazing though. Here's a sampling of what we saw along the road.

Early morning...I love to see the sun rise and the clouds were everywhere so it was amazing.Palm Springs energy windmills.

Colorado River crossing into Arizona.

Texas Canyon Rocks, in Arizona, very cool.

Sunset time in New Mexico....finally.

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Anonymous said...

Super photos! I would love to see the Wild West states.


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