Friday, April 6, 2012

Cheese Blintz with Blueberry Sauce

With guests in town and breakfasts to be made I had a recipe that I've been saving. Yes I experiment on my friends. And once again, it's from you know who. I love that I'm getting into all my cookbooks that I've purchased over the years to try out some recipes. I have to up the anti in the exercise area to compensate, but that's ok with me. This time it was a rich cheese blintz with blueberry sauce. So delicious, the recipe can be found here.  

The cheese you use in the batter is sour cream, in the actual cheesy main part you use ricotta and mascarpone. I didn't have enough ricotta cheese so I added a little cream cheese to offset it, it wasn't enough I think to change the recipe entirely. Only downside is how the blintz kind of crumbled when I served it.  Not sure if the cream cheese did this or if I was too impatient to serve it quickly.  The recipe does call for serving it warm.  

The blueberry sauce with orange juice was the perfect balance of sweet to this savory dish.  I forgot the corn starch, but nobody is perfect.  I had an audience while I was cooking so I was a bit distracted. It is a labor intensive process, but the final results are tasty. Overall it's a worthy recipe to try.  Enjoy!


Gwen George said...

Cheese blintzes will always remind me of my California Grandmother. First time and last time I had them I was age 10 and I ate them the whole time I was there. Due for another Cali blintz I say! Will look at recipe. Thanks!!!

Felicia said...

This looks so tasty! I will have to try it. Thank you!


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