Sunday, April 15, 2012


Since I've had this time off, and I must say thoroughly enjoying it, you may ask what have I been up to.  LIVING is the best way to say it.  I've been enjoying the city I live in, which I never do, especially when all I ever saw was my garage, the 10 Freeway back and forth to work and the parking lot.

So, unplanned I've actually been exploring L.A.  Thru field trips with my friends kids, off with the Mom's during Spring break and my own spur of the moment decisions.

Here are a few smatterings of images I've taken via my iPhone along the way.
 Banksy on the side of a building in downtown L.A.

 Looking up on a cool Art Deco building with great lines.

 Great old buildings and theater.

Flower mart....including the yellow ball flowers up top.

Here are a few from walking on the beach in the early morning.
 SB makes fun of me for taking pictures of the bathroom's the one thing SM has done right down at the beach, cool architecture and appealing colors...the smell is still bad, but we can't everything.

Art Direction:  SB  Photographer:  ME.

Images below are from a recent trip to Descanso Gardens, driving the freeway's with no one on it is a pure luxury in this town.  All taken with Hipstamic on my iPhone.

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