Friday, January 4, 2013

Route 66 Signs

Mid October we had to take an unexpected trip home to New Mexico for a family funeral. While I was devastated by the loss I appreciated the time to be on the road for 12 hours and unwind from the crazy L.A. lifestyle. SB and I pass these signs all the time and have taken some analog film shots, but this time we just jumped out and took a few iPhone and Android shots. It's such a competition between us to get the best shot, but it pushes us to try all kinds of filters, angles and apps.

In December we took another trip home to see family.  Unfortunately we got stuck in Gallup (worst town in NM) for 2 days while everything was closed to fix the car during Christmas Eve and Christmas day.  So we took advantage of the great signs in the town and took a few digital and iPhone shots.

On the way home I talked SB into taking a historical detour down route 66.  
Enjoy all the cool signs and a trip down the past.


Lizzie said...

These are utterly amazing. AMAZING! Like I want to hang them on my wall amazing.

Tanya Ponce said...

We can make that happen, i want to print a few myself. just let me know and i'll include whatever ones your interested in for my trial run.

Lizzie said...

My favorites are the road with Route 66 painted on it and Schlitz sign which is straight up awesome!


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