Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Books I've Read

So at the very first book swap party I was determined to leave with only one book, as I have shelves of books at home. However a 10 year old and his Nani convinced me that The Hunger Games was a must read.  I hadn't seen a 10 year old that excited about a book in a long time.  So I took the book and Sunday morning opened it and that night finished it.  I literally couldn't put it down, it was that good.  On Monday I had to have the other two books, so I called Deb and asked her for them, even begging her to leave them on the porch since she was going out that evening.  The other too I read within the next week, work got in the way of my 24 hour marathon read.

This sequel is pretty good, I enjoyed it almost as much as the original.

Sums up the story but my least favorite of the three.

I really enjoyed the Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet. I may have been drawn to the title because of my own self-titled story about my travels to Cuba here. This is a sweet story about a time that is a bit of an embarrassment to Americans during the WWII and the prejudice against the Japanese.  I found it very informative and Jamie Ford a wonderful storyteller.

Another book I haven't seen the move to yet, I always like to read the books before I see the movie version. This way my imagination can determine who and what everyone looks like.  This is another commentary on prejudice and opening peoples eyes to that fact we're all human beings.

The first computer I worked on in my first job was this.  I've grown up with the Mac and in my industry everyone aspires to do the kind of marketing that Apple does.  So while I haven't read a biography in a long time this was a must read.  Insightful journey into a genius mind, albeit with a nasty style of management.  He did get it down and revolutionized an industry and the way we interact with each other.  As for management style I think I know a few people who have read this book and do exactly as he did, and to them "no thank you."

I'm working on a few more on my nightstand and hidden in all kind of places that I keep discovering.  So as I get thru those ones I'll post about them.  Enjoy the above for now.


slesky said...

I felt so left out hearing everyone under the sun talk about the Hunger Games that I finally bought the trilogy Friday night and am done with the first one. I'm hooked!

tstar said...

Oh yes they are addictive stories. You wont rest until your done.


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