Saturday, March 10, 2012

Caramel Budino with Salted Caramel Sauce

A few weeks ago we met for our second book swap party.  Thank you Deb for being the host, you do have the best place for this fun event.  Here's my top 10 reasons why I like this particular party, and I hope Deb keeps it going:

1.    I love to read. This event has my name all over it and I have way too many books.
2.    However, now I have yet another reason for buying books instead of checking them out at the library.
      "Seriously SB, the girls will love this book."
3.    A chance to catch-up with good friends during our busy lives.
4.    Drink Champagne, not that I need an excuse for that.
5.    It's a mid-week evening party, I love to break up the monotony of the week.
6.    I've been introduced to new authors and subject matters I might not have picked up before.
7.    Everyone makes or brings something delicious to eat.
8.    Oh I've set the bar too high for myself, but it challenges me to bake something delicious and find a way to pull in the book theme.
9.    Fun book themed crafty items always available.
10.  Great friends, good books, delicious food, fun conversations...need I say anymore.

So this brings me to my dessert.  This is a labor intensive dessert, I make it over two days, I was told and I agree I was an over-achiever on this one.  But it's delicious and I love the mason jar theme. This time I printed out tags with some of my favorite characters from books I've read and have been swapped at this party.  I've adapted the recipe from Bon Appetit's recipe here.  

This is a rich, textured (crunchy cookies), creamy layered dessert.  The salted caramel is particularly decadent.  Yes the calories are worth every spoonful and it's only an 8oz mason jar not even filled to the top.

I have made it hard for me to top myself, last time I made these, I think I'm drawn to the warm chocolate, caramel, peanut butter colors, I'll try to branch out next time, or not, really depends on the season and what makes sense.  Enjoy!


Deborah said...

Not sure how you can outdo yourself next time! Maybe having the hens to lay the eggs to make something? :) I love our book swap parties too and I cannot wait for the next one. However, my nightstand is overflowing now, so I may need some time to get through them. It was delicious!!!

tstar said...

No room for hens, i may pass the torch to someone else for the next time. And my nightstand runneth over with books.


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