Sunday, March 4, 2012

Brussels Sprouts

So I told you about Brussel Sprouts being my new favorite food.  Well I caught on to this craze at the height of their season (September - February).  As most children of the 70's will attest, and I've heard my story more than once, our mom's boiled most vegetables, including Brussels Sprouts, to their mushy deaths. Sorry mom, but it had to be said.  

So I've steered clear of this veg for a long time.  But at Lukshon, we order them and I was hooked, I had to make them at home.  Voila, Trader Joe's was selling them on the stalk.  Never seen them like this before.  NOTE:  These would actually be great for a some enormous flower arrangement.
I was told, just try them first with olive oil, salt and pepper.  So this is what I did.  I cut them off the stalk, cut off hard ends, peeled off a few of the top layer leaves, cut them in half.  Then mix with olive oil, pepper and salt to taste.  I stuck them on a heated cookie sheet (I like to pre-heat my cookies sheets to get a nice crispiness on whatever I'm roasting.)  Put them in a 400 degree oven for about 20 minutes.  Watch them as ovens vary in heat.  My favorite part is some of the leaves loosen off and you get these lovely crispy Brussels Sprout chips.  

I'm such a bad veg eater, and even though SB doesn't like the smell in the house, I tell him:  "Hey I'm eating vegetables and that's a good thing."  At Lukshon they put some chili garlic vinaigrette and sesame seeds and it's delicious.  Try them the out.  As I don't see them fresh in stores, we're experimenting with the frozen ones at the moment.  Enjoy!


Gwendy G said...

SOLD! They sound Deelish! Gonna try them roasted now.

tstar said...

you'll love em...i'm addicted.


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