Thursday, September 13, 2012

Alt Summit Blog

As most of my readers know I've ventured on a slight career change to a more technical type of job.
Still in the marketing area, but more tech focused. I am now working from home, yes I have set hours and I change out of my PJ's every morning, not saying much about the upper undergarments, depends on the weather.

Over the past 6 months I've been trying to be regular about posting and finding my voice on this platform.
I am interested in so many things. Travel and food seem to come to the top, sprinkled with my life activities.
Good friends and bloggers My Life at Playtime and A Simply Raw Life have turned me onto Alt Design Summit. Each year they have summit's that happen in a different city. They also have a blog with the best advice on being a better blogger and running it as a business. In January, the Alt Summit is in Salt Lake City. The registration day came and went for SLC as I was in the middle of 3 weeks of volunteer work and didn't log in on time to register. In the meantime I've been regularly reading their suggestions, tweets, facebook posts and their featured classes. This is invaluable information for any blogger, established and brand new. For blogging inspiration and business advice check out the new Alt blog.  I'm determined to go to SLC to be inspired by all those bloggers out there. 

One of my favorite blogs post on Alt is about Building an Online Community. This is practical advice and I said to myself "DUH! Make it happen."

Lately I've had a little interest from the outside on my Cuba story and am DETERMINED to finish it. Yes my Dad knows about the story being in the blogosphere and has encouraged me to finish it.  I have to say my favorite blog post is this one Cuba A Bittersweet Tale Part III, makes me cry every time I go back and read it.


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