Tuesday, September 25, 2012

ChocoVivo Venice

During my four month hiatus from real life work, I was able to explore a few local shops.  I came across an article about Choco Vivo, a chocolate shop in Venice. Anyone who knows me KNOWS I love chocolate. So I went exploring online first to their website. If you haven't read Patricia's stories on her blog you should go here. She is a true entrepreneur and someone who took a great leap of faith to do something she loves.

So I drove a mere 10 minutes to Venice and went looking for this tiny shop nestled on Abbot Kinney. I so wanted to meet Patricia, she sounded like me in her March blog posts, but she wasn't there that day. 

I sampled a few of the chocolates. I've never really tasted true pure chocolate. It's all DARK chocolate no milk or soy lecithins added, so it's pure goodness. Her stone-ground beans to bar method is mouth melting ecstasy.  I tried the almonds to sea salt and the mayan tradition (spicy and delish).  She also has chocolate butters and does a nice sampling on the First Friday's down on Abbot Kinney every month.  

A must visit place when your on the westside. Abbot Kinney is the perfect place for this entrepreneur.

Beside's the great little store, she's also at these Farmer's Markets:
Tuesdays: Culver City,  2 pm – 7 pm,  
Sundays:  Mar Vista, 9 am – 2pm 

Try some samples.

 Loved the great packaging for my purchase. 

Choco Vivo
504 Abbot Kinney Blvd

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