Monday, September 3, 2012

Books I've Read

Dear ITSS Reader,

   As summer comes to a close, you all must have read a few books, while traveling, camping or just laying at the beach. Personally, I've read quite a few starting in the spring and into the summer. All of these stories are varied, which is good. This all thanks to our book swapping parties and a couple of shopping excursions to Costco and Barnes & Nobles. The last one I read is my favorite close second in Julia Child's memoir. 

The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society is such a great fictional story based on the German Occupation of one of the Channel Islands off the coast of Great Britain during WWII. I know you may think that sounds boring and tedious. But one, it was educational and two, though it's a piece of fiction based on facts, you really believe these people exist. They become your friends. I laughed out loud and cried and smiled throughout the book. It's written in the style of letters exchange by quite a few people. I had mixed emotions about this, but then I couldn't wait to read the next letter. This is a must read, I think my Mom would love this book. Go here to purchase!

Now reader, this next book is alarming and educational. I probably wouldn't have picked this up, but someone at the book swap party said it was a must read. It's a piece of Non-Fiction.  Why is it alarming?  Because as I sip my latte's and take walks on the beach I am oblivious to all the seedy interactions taking place around the world. You will see inside U.S. politics and the manipulation of so many people and countries for greed. Made me irritated and mad, but I feel slightly more informed. Personally I think this should be a movie, although parts of it I'm sure have already been used. It features a few countries, Panama and Saudi Arabia sticking out most in mind. If you are like me and grew up in the 70's you'll understand the oil crisis issue (long lines at the gas pump ring any bells) in the U.S. much more after you've read this book. Go here to purchase!

This one is a very small attempt at satisfying your Downton Abbey drought.  It's a quick summer read of how American's love having titles and do all they can to make sure their rich little girls marry an aristocrat of some sort. Go here to purchase!

Julia Child's story made me want to go back to school. In fact I checked out a few culinary schools looking for a good story and to feed my pastry passion. This is a delightful read and an inspiring tale of how a woman can start a new career later in life. If you didn't love Julia before this you will afterward. This goes on my top 10 list of favorite books. Go here to purchase!

If you can't travel aboard physically, how about mentally? This book took me to Venice and an intriguing fictional story of glass blowing. It made me want to go back to Versailles, you'll have to read why, and back to Venice and the Island of Murano. Now Glassblowing is one more thing to add to my ever growing list of things I want to learn if I had eternity to do so. Go here to purchase!

Did you read Eat, Pray, Love or just watch the movie?  If you read it you'd love Luca Spaghetti, which is why I picked this up.  He's a funny story teller and a passionate Italian and AS Roma fan.  I fun read.  Go here to purchase

Now reader I do hope you are intrigued by these books.  It's a nice mix of serious, fluffy, informative, inspirational stories both real and imagined.  Enjoy but please tell me what are you reading?  What was your summer favorite book? Tell me please.




Deborah said...

You have read a lot! Ok, we really need another book swap, that’s going on my October list of to do’s for sure. I’m reading A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, so good! Almost finished with it, and I have heard nothing but good about Gone Girl, I really need someone to have that available at the swap. :)

Tanya Ponce said...

@Deborah I will help you with the October party if you need. I want to read your book A Tree Grows in Brooklyn. Haven't heard about Gone Girl, I'll check it out too. Hopefully someone brings that for you.

yumi said...

Posting on the late side...summer is over! Can you believe it? Great picks here. I'm currently reading An Everlasting Meal - By Tamar Adler. I thought of you when I began reading it. If you haven't already, I know you will love it! Hope all is well! xo

Tanya Ponce said...

@yumi I so need to read this book, i'll check it out for sure.


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